Professional Surrogacy Law Services

Intended Parents

We protect the rights of intended parents from around the world by expertly guiding them through the California legal process.


We provide surrogates with independent legal counsel to protect their rights and guide them through the surrogacy process.


We ensure that egg, sperm and embryo donors receive expert guidance regarding their legal rights and responsibilities.

International Clients

With the assistance of highly trained legal interpreters, we ensure our International clients receive the expert personal care they deserve.

Our Mission

California Surrogacy Lawyers

Providing Peace of Mind

In our quest to help our clients build their families in an emotionally and legally secure manner, we specialize in all aspects of assisted reproductive law, including traditional and gestational surrogacy, and egg, sperm and embryo donation.  We are committed to providing our clients with the highest caliber legal support throughout every aspect of their assisted reproduction journeys to ensure the process is smooth and legally sound.

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